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Recreate Realistic Tunnel Scenes

Tunnel portals and retaining walls for mountain railway lines, historic city walls or an eyecatcher at a large city train station – all that and much more can be realised with products from the popular “Stone Wall” series. The types and shapes are so numerous, and they can furthermore be combined with each other in so many ways that there are almost no limits to your imagination. Since our hard foam items are all handpainted, colour variations may occur.

NOCH PROFI Structured Hard Foam is the perfect material you will often find from us – and there are many good reasons for this, mainly due to the composition of the material. The raw materials for structured hard foam are two liquids that are mixed with one another. This creates a foamy mass which is then left to solidify into the desired three-dimensional shape.

The resulting products have outstanding properties which most other materials lack: they are lightweight yet still stable; they are extremely realistic, as our special production process even allows for undercuts, and they can be further processed very easily.

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    EAN 4007246448104
    Gewicht 10 g
    Breite 60,00 mm
    Länge 65,00 mm
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  • Basteltipps

    • Since structured hard foam is solvent-resistant, you can apply any kind of varnish, paint (NOCH Landscaping Paints are ideal) and even solvent-based adhesive to the surface. Structured hard foam parts can be moulded as desired and are also very easy to work with. You don’t need a lot of time, effort or special tools to bring the parts into the desired shape.
    • It is best to use a fretsaw for sawing. The saw blade glides through the hard foam easily and swiftly without tearing or splintering the cutting edges.
    • You can also make precise changes to the contours of the parts with a small hacksaw, a backsaw or a handsaw. You can cut hard foam with any sharp blade, e.g. a utility or penknife.
    • Sandpaper of any grit size is suitable for subsequent sanding and finishing. Of course, you can also file hard foam – with a coarse wood rasp or with a fine warding file. If you want to deform a hard foam part, simply heat it up with a hairdryer or immerse it in hot water. The heated material can then be bent into the desired shape. The shape does not change once it has cooled down.

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